Day 2 - Amsterdam to Copenhagen (DK) via Osnabrück/ Hamburg (D)

It was a very early start and by 7am we were speeding off to Germany. It was the Berlin train but we changed at Osnabrück and then in Hamburg and connections were easy. I have downloaded apps on my phone for all the main railways for each country and so it made it easy to work out platform numbers in advance and plan our connections ahead. By late afternoon we arrived in 'Wonderful Copenhagen'!

Our first exploration of this city was at night and I can't wait to start properly tomorrow when it is light. Meanwhile we will have plenty of time to get used to the Danish Krone (DK) and yet another language and culture.

I absolutely love travelling around Europe. When you think that in a matter of hours you can go through 4 or 5 countries, each with a completely different identity, language and culture. I find it absolutely fascinating. Yesterday we started in the UK, then travelled through France, Belgium and the Netherlands in a relatively short space of time. Then today we have gone from the Netherlands to Germany and Denmark. We have crossed so many borders and entered completely different and unique worlds!


Useless fact! Hamburgers originally come from Hamburg! In the 19th century, the idea of raw shredded was brought back by sailors after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia. German immigrants brought the patty to America in the 19th century, where it was placed on a bun. American soldiers returned the hamburger sandwich to Europe during World War I. And now, 100 years later, the hamburger is a staple dish in Hamburg restaurants.